A Georgia native, Natalie Barfield is a 90s kid raised amongst longleaf pines, country music, dirt roadin’, and the coastal towns that pepper
the Gulf of Mexico. These experiences yielded a strong affection for both the natural environment and the diverse cast of characters that make up the South. Barfield has a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies and Masters of Science in Urban Planning with a specialization in Environmental Planning. Both fields of study have greatly impacted Barfield’s art, with her drawing upon her philosophy studies to dig deep into her ideas and feelings to identify the root emotion that can be expressed within a work, and her studies in planning have bolstered her ability to plan and build intricate cardboard designs where pieces must function with each other in order for the sculpture to work… just like a

Barfield began showing her work professionally during the pandemic. Natalie has always understood the well-known idiom "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one," and finds that fostering multiple artistic interests has enabled her to develop skill sets she might not have otherwise. Barfield appreciates inserting humor and the absurd into her work wherever she can. Her figurative works seek to explore the beauty and comedy in the mundane.

Natalie currently resides with her wife in Thomasville, GA.